Vehicular Assault and Driving While Intoxicated

The client was arrested after striking a pedestrian and charged with Assault and Driving While Intoxicated. Peter successfully argued against bail at arraignment, ensuring that he client would remain free before trial. With the client’s liberty secured, Peter turned his attention to defects in the criminal court complaint, filing an extensive motion that persuaded the court to dismiss all charges against the client.


Grand Larceny

Peter’s client was charged with stealing money from a young marine heading to boot camp from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The client had previous convictions and was facing mandatory state prison time if convicted. Every offer made by the District Attorney’s Office required jail time. Talking it over, Peter and the client decided to take the case to trial, forcing the State to prove its case before a jury. After a hard fought jury trial, Peter’s client was found not guilty of all charges.


Attempted Murder

Peter’s client was charged with attempted to stab his roommate in an argument that got out of control. A third roommate took the complainant’s side, making it two against one. Peter’s client was an immigrant and faced over a decade prison and deportation if conviction. Peter aggressively cross-examined both roommates, exposing wholes in their story, and securing a not-guilty jury verdict.


Drug Possession

Peter’s client was pulled over for tinted windows. The police claimed they found a significant amount of drugs in the back seat. Peter’s client was arrested and the police seized not only the drugs, but several thousand dollars the client had in his bag. At a hearing before one of the most pro-prosecution judges in Manhattan, Peter succeeded in getting the drugs suppressed and all charges dismissed. The money seized from the client was returned to him shortly thereafter.


Criminal Possession of a Firearm

Peter’s client was the single mother of a 7-year old child with no criminal record. When she and her best friend got into a fight with a large group of people, that friend pulled a gun that changed hands several times, and they were both charged with criminal possession of a firearm. Thinking that cooperating with law enforcement would result in lenient treatment, the client made an extensive video statement. Much of the crime was also caught on video, making the prosecution’s case very strong. As a result, the State consistently recommended 3.5 years in prison. The client was, of course, terrified of both going to prison, and missing out on crucial years of her child’s development. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. Following extensive motion practice, the court granted Peter’s motion to dismiss all charges on speedy trial grounds. His client did not have to go to prison or be separated from her child.


Forcible Touching

Peter’s client was 70 years old when he was arrested and suffering from a variety of serious health issues. Two women accused him of rubbing up against them on a crowded subway train. Their account was backed up by a police officer specially trained to respond to such crimes. Peter successfully got the charges against his client reduced to prevent him from having to do any jail time. Peter also persuaded the court that a high level of sex offender registration was not required. Had the court decided otherwise, the client would have had to move from a home where he had lived for more than 40 years. Thanks to Peter’s advocacy, the client remained free to concentrate on his health concerns.


Marjuana Possession with Potentially Devastating Immigration Consequences

Peter’s client came to this country, undocumented, with his parents from England when he was 11. A few years later, he fled an abusive relationship at home and went to stay with friends at a house elsewhere in the city. Unfortunately, that house was also used to sell marijuana, and over the next 13 months, he was arrested 6 times for possession or sale of marijuana. Each time, his attorney told him to just plead guilty to possession and pay a fine. After all, “it’s just marijuana.”


Fast forward 37 years. He is now a skilled tradesman, a father to 3 college graduates, a volunteer coach, and by all accounts a productive member of society, but his ancient marijuana convictions put him at risk for deportation, as the federal government still considers weed possession to be “a controlled substance.”


Peter persuaded a judge to vacate all 6 convictions based on the original attorney’s erroneous legal advice on the question of immigration. His client no longer has a criminal record and now has a much better chance of not only avoiding deportation, but also succeeding in his citizenship application.


Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance

Peter’s client was a 45 year old man with no criminal record when he was arrested in front of his family and charged with selling cocaine to an undercover police officer. The client insisted that he was innocent and refused all offers to plead guilty, even though a conviction would guarantee upstate prison time. Peter challenged the prosecution’s evidence at trial and, emphasizing the flaws in the prosecution’s evidence, succeeded in preventing a conviction. Peter’s client remained a free man.


Sexual Assault of a Child

Peter’s client was a beloved teacher and school administrator when his whole life was turned upside down by a shocking accusation – a student claimed he had cornered her in a stairwell and sexually assaulted her. The client was fired from his job, torn apart in the newspapers, and treated like a monster. Peter was able to secure his client’s release from jail and, after extensive litigation and a contentious hearing, getting all charges against his client dismissed.


Criminal Possession of a Firearm, Reckless Endangerment and Assault Against a Police Officer

Peter recently represented a client charged with firing a gun in the middle of a housing development. The prosecution claimed that the crime was on video and that DNA evidence proved that the gun had been in the client’s possession. When the police came to arrest Peter’s client, they roughed up both him and his family, and charged him with an additional felony, Assaulting a Police Officer. Because of prior brushes with the law, Peter’s client faced a potential life sentence if convicted. Peter was able to outmaneuver the prosecution and had the indictment against the defendant dismissed and, when the defendant was re-indicted, dismissed again.