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Client Reviews


“Peter is a great lawyer!  He is everything you could want in a lawyer: Hard working, responsive, prepared, honest, and committed to fighting hard for his client.  His patience, great listening skills, and great service put me at ease through the very difficult court system.  He returns calls promptly, and always answers every question (no matter how many times you ask). I’m very happy with the results as they were way beyond my expectations. I would be more than happy to recommend Peter to anyone who needs help, as you couldn’t have a better lawyer!” – V.B.  


“Peter Barta is a great lawyer. He was very patient during the whole case and answered any question that we had, and the results were phenomenal. They are very kind people. I totally recommend him as a lawyer. Once again, Peter Barta Thank you so much!!” – K.S.    


“This man is like a Pitbull. He will viciously fight for you no exceptions. Once he Lock-on he will not let go until he delivers. If you are looking for an attorney that will put their whole weight in the balance, someone that truly cares about delivering the best outcome Mr. Peter is it. He is now officially my family Lawyer. I can rest easy knowing that he will relentlessly fight for us.” – C.D.  


“Working with Peter Barta was a great experience. His expertise in organizing and presenting my documentation clearly and effectively to the Judge led to a quick Dismissal of my case. I highly recommend Mr. Peter Barta.” – K.R.  


“This law firm listens to your concerns and does there very best to get you the results you request. They exceeded all of my expectations with excellence and professionalism. Even after the case, the follow up was on point. Thank you Peter Barta.” – U.J.  


“Peter was an excellent lawyer for me and I am more than pleased with the results.” – A.M.  


“Thank you Peter Barta for taking our case on such short notice and getting our case dismissed so quickly. We were wrongly accused and you recognized that immediately. Your dedication to presenting our case to the Judge in a clear, precise manner made this experience much better than expected. Thank you again!” – V.H.  


Peter Barta in front of the criminal court building